Source code for utopya.plot_funcs._file_writer

"""This module provides plotting functions to visualize cellular automata.

NOTE This module is deprecated and will be removed!

import os
import logging

import matplotlib as mpl
import matplotlib.pyplot as plt
import matplotlib.animation

# Get a logger
log = logging.getLogger(__name__)

# -----------------------------------------------------------------------------

[docs]class FileWriter(): """The FileWriter class yields functionality to save individual frames. It adheres to the corresponding matplotlib animation interface. """
[docs] def __init__(self, *, file_format: str='png', name_padding: int=6, fstr: str="{dir:}/{num:0{pad:}d}.{ext:}", **savefig_kwargs): """ Initialize a FileWriter, which adheres to the matplotlib.animation interface and can be used to write individual files. Args: name_padding (int, optional): How wide the numbering should be file_format (str, optional): The file extension fstr (str, optional): The format string to generate the name **savefig_kwargs: kwargs to pass to figure.savefig """ # Save arguments self.cntr = 0 self.name_padding = name_padding self.fstr = fstr self.file_format = file_format self.savefig_kwargs = savefig_kwargs # Other attributes = None
[docs] def saving(self, fig, base_outfile: str, **kwargs): """Create an instance of the context manager""" # Parse the given base file path to get a directory out_dir = os.path.splitext(base_outfile)[0] # Create and store the context manager = FileWriterContextManager(fig=fig, out_dir=out_dir, **kwargs) return
[docs] def grab_frame(self): """Stores a single frame""" # Build the output path from the info of the context manager outfile = self.fstr.format(, num=self.cntr, pad=self.name_padding, ext=self.file_format) # Save the frame using the context manager, then increment the cntr, format=self.file_format, **, **self.savefig_kwargs) self.cntr += 1
[docs]class FileWriterContextManager(): """This class is needed by the file writer to provide the same interface as the matplotlib movie writers do. """
[docs] def __init__(self, *, fig, out_dir: str, **kwargs): # Store arguments self.fig = fig self.out_dir = out_dir self.kwargs = kwargs
[docs] def __enter__(self): """Called when entering context""" # Create the directory of the output file os.makedirs(self.out_dir)
[docs] def __exit__(self, *args): """Called when exiting context""" # Need to close the figure plt.close(self.fig)