Utopia  2
Framework for studying models of complex & adaptive systems.
Utopia::Agent< Traits, Space, enabled > Class Template Reference

An agent is a slightly specialized state container. More...

Detailed Description

template<typename Traits, typename Space, typename enabled = void>
class Utopia::Agent< Traits, Space, enabled >

An agent is a slightly specialized state container.

It can be extended with the use of tags and can be associated with so-called "custom links". These specializations are carried into the agent by means of the AgentTraits struct.

An agent is embedded into the Utopia::AgentManager, which has knowledge of the Utopia::Space an agent is embedded in. This allows assigning a position in space to the agent. The agent holds this position as a private member and requires the AgentManager to set it.

Template Parameters
TraitsValid Utopia::EntityTraits, describing the type of agent
SpaceThe Utopia::Space in which the agent lives; this is only used to extract the information known at compile time, i.e. the dimensionality of the space the agent lives in.
enabledTemplate parameter to enable sync or async specialization

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