Utopia  2
Framework for studying models of complex & adaptive systems.
data_io Directory Reference
Directory dependency graph for data_io:


directory  data_manager


file  cfg_utils.hh [code]
file  filesystem.hh [code]
file  graph_load.hh [code]
file  graph_utils.hh [code]
file  hdfattribute.hh [code]
 This file implements a C++ class which wraps a C HDF5 attribute to a HDF5-object (group or dataset), and provides the necessary functionality to read from, write to and create such objects.
file  hdfbufferfactory.hh [code]
 In this file, a class for automatically creating intermediate buffer data structures between the user provided data and the file are provided.
file  hdfchunking.hh [code]
file  hdfdataset.hh [code]
 This is the central file of the HDF5 dataIO module of Utopia and provides a class for writing to, reading from and creating almost arbitrary data to a dataset in a HDF5 file.
file  hdfdataspace.hh [code]
file  hdffile.hh [code]
file  hdfgroup.hh [code]
 This file provides a class for creating and managing groups in a HDF5 file, which then can create other objects (groups and datasets) inside of them.
file  hdfidentifier.hh [code]
file  hdfobject.hh [code]
file  hdftype.hh [code]
 This file provides a class which is responsible for the automatic conversion between C/C++ types and HDF5 type identifiers.
file  hdfutilities.hh [code]
 This file provides metafunctions for automatically determining the nature of a C/C++ types at compile time (container or not, string or not, fixed-size array ), and getting the base type of pointer and cv-qualified types.
file  monitor.hh [code]