Welcome to Utopia!


Welcome to Utopia!#

Utopia is a comprehensive modelling framework for complex and evolving systems. It is tailored to build cellular automata (CA) models, agent-based models (ABMs), and network models. Utopia provides tools for implementing a model, configuring and performing simulation runs, and evaluating the resulting data. Additionally, several readily implemented models are shipped with Utopia.

Utopia is free software and licensed under the GNU Lesser General Public License Version 3. For more information and a list of copyright holders, please refer to the Copyright Notice.

Where to next?#

  • To learn more about the Utopia project, have a look at About Utopia and Feature List.

  • If you want to start using Utopia right away, head for the Tutorial.

  • To explore other parts of the documentation, use the navigation sidebar, for instance:

  • Want a separate repository for your model implementations? Learn more about it here.

  • You can also take a look at our project website at utopia-project.org to get to know us and explore some of Utopia’s models and features!


If you notice any errors in this documentation, even minor, or have suggestions for improvements, please inform us about them by opening an issue or emailing us. Thank you!