About the C++ Documentation

About the C++ Documentation#

Aside from this user manual, there also is a C++ documentation that documents the backend API: the utopia/core and utopia/data_io libraries, all things you need to implement your own model.

→ To the 📚 C++ Documentation#

Click on the above link to go to the C++ documentation.

Tips & Tricks#

You might think to yourself: This looks super complicated – how can I even read this??

If unfamiliar with it, doxygen documentations often appear overwhelming. A few general hints on how to get a grip on it:

  • In doxygen, code that belongs together is sorted into modules. There, you will get an overview over the different parts of the Utopia backend and what they are used for.

  • In the modules, read the detailed description before continuing to read with anything else.

  • Functions and classes of the same name may have many different template signatures, thus producing multiple entries in the documentation. Don’t despair: the first sentence of the function documentation should give a good summary of what this specific specialization does.

As always, the search functionality of both the doxygen documentation and your browser (typically: CMD+F or CTRL+F) are a real help here.


You can use the doxygen documentation to get a look at the code itself. For that, navigate to the file list in the navigation bar. This can be useful if some function is not documented to a sufficient level to answer the question you have.